Saturday July 27, 2024 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

@ the church

You are a vital to the life of our church and the work that God wants to do in Pflugerville. 

During this meeting we are going to focus on two very important elements of our church.

The first is a look at the systems we put in place to minister effectively. I feel strongly that this is an area we can improve on and so the question and focus will be on how do we best incorporate the principles shared in the video. 

The second is our plan for life groups. I feel very strongly that the principle of Life Groups needs to be intentionally present in our structure and church, but would love your feedback and prayerful thoughts on the best way to accomplish that.

The plan is that each of you would spend some time in preparation for the meeting and that we would be able to come together to share and discuss.

1) Take a look at the Notes & Discussion Page for each video. This will guide our discussion when we come together.

2) Watch the video for each topic. This will establish/remind you of the heartbeat of what we are trying to focus on.

Critical Structure and Systems

This session was featured at a conference for church planters, but I felt the material was an area that I need to grow in and I would love to share it with you so that as a leadership team we can apply the principles to the ministries in our church.

Download the Note & Discussion Page Here.



As the Summer ends I would love for your help in evaluating our Life Groups and how we plan for Autumn and 2025.

Download the Notes and Discussion Page Here.