We want to launch into 2017 by spending 21 days praying in unity for those around us and in our community. It is our desire to be both spirit-led, and community-minded. 

While we strive to serve our community in tangible ways, there is nothing more powerful than prayer. Join us this January as we spend 21 days of focused prayer.

Weeknights* the church will be open from 5-8 for you to come and pray at a time that is convenient for you.

(Fridays 5-7,

Wednesdays normal midweek worship)

January 8 - Pray that sinners far from God would find new life in Jesus Christ.

January 9 - Pray for the business leaders of Pflugerville.

January 10 - Pray for the non-profit organizations in Pflugerville.

January 11 - Pray for our city government, mayor, and city officials

January 12 - Pray for the teachers of Pflugerville ISD and area learning centers.

January 13 - Pray for the children of Pflugerville.

January 14 - Pray for the greater Austin area (including churches in our NL Network).

January 15 - Pray for your neighbors.

January 16 - Pray for the first responders of Pflugerville.

January 17 - Pray for the Elderly.

January 18 - Pray for every church and pastor in Pflugerville.

January 19 - Pray for a great awakening in Pflugerville.

January 20 - Pray for marriages.

January 21 - Pray for families, especially those living in broken homes.

January 22 - Pray for those suffering from addiction.

January 23 - Pray that the sick will be healed by the power of God.

January 24 - Pray that we learn to love mercy.

January 25 - Pray that we would have the strength to do justly.

January 26 – Pray that we would walk humbly before the Lord.

January 27 - Pray that we allow the Holy Spirit to direct our Lives.

January 28 - Pray for our church family at Way of Life.