In 2022 Way of Life is pursuing.  We are pursuing first and foremost a deeper relationship with the LORD.  We are pursuing His will for our lives, His provision for our families, His will to see the lost saved and the sick healed.  Pursuit is active and it is focused. As in years past we will spend time at the beginning of the year dedicated to prayer and fasting.


Each week we invite you to join our church family while we fast together in a similar way.  Typically, families will fast Monday – Friday and allow Saturday and Sunday to be days of rest.


If this schedule doesn’t work for you, feel free to change it to meet your family’s needs, but don’t simply change it for convenience sake.  Challenge yourself – challenge your flesh to get out of the way as you pursue God.

Try to fast Monday though Friday each week.

On Fridays we will meet at the church from 7-8 to pray together.

Week One – January 9th – 15th

Fast Media

Fast entertainment like movies, television, and any music or media that isn’t specifically ministry driven or worshipful.

Pray and Read Your Bible Every Day

Do this both as an individual and as a family.

Come Together for Church Prayer

Friday, January 14th, from 7-8 PM.


Week Two January 16th – 22nd

Fast Something Meaningful

Remove something from your life that will challenge you. Social Media, Video Games, Coffee, or maybe fast “media” a second week.

Pray and Read Your Bible Every Day

Come Together for Church Prayer

Friday, January 21st, from 7-8 PM.


Week Three January 23rd – 29th

Fast Meals

Pick a day to go without eating. Some may want to fast multiple days, or you may choose to omit a meal you regularly eat each day, like lunch.

Pray and Read Your Bible Every Day

Come Together for Church Prayer & Communion

Friday, January 28th, from 7-8 PM.

If you would like to focus your prayers for each day, below is a list of things to pray for.


January 9 - Pray for the business leaders of Pflugerville.

January 10 - Pray for the non-profit organizations in Pflugerville.

January 11 - Pray for our city government, mayor, and city officials

January 12 - Pray for the teachers of Pflugerville ISD and area learning centers.

January 13 - Pray for the children of Pflugerville.

January 14 - Pray for the greater Austin area (including churches in our NL Network).

January 15 - Pray for your neighbors.

January 16 - Pray for the first responders of Pflugerville.

January 17 - Pray for the Elderly.

January 18 - Pray for every church and pastor in Pflugerville.

January 19 - Pray for a great awakening in Pflugerville.

January 20 - Pray for marriages.

January 21 - Pray for families, especially those living in broken homes.

January 22 - Pray for those suffering from addiction.

January 23 - Pray that the sick will be healed by the power of God.

January 24 - Pray that we learn to love mercy.

January 25 - Pray that we would have the strength to do justly.

January 26 – Pray that we would walk humbly before the Lord.

January 27 - Pray that we allow the Holy Spirit to direct our Lives.

January 28 - Pray for our church family at Way of Life.

January 29 – Pray that God would help you to see opportunities to share the with someone around you about God’s love and power.